General Tso Chicken

general tso chicken-2

I am not a chef but I will occasionally cook dinner especially if people are coming over. It’s just rude to not cook, but I admit that most of the time I have to be in the mood to do to take on what can appear as large task at times. Anyway, this past Monday I was feeling inspired and so I cooked. In fact, cooking was the lead up to the main event of the evening which happened to be catching the latest episodes of Dexter and Breaking Bad. I won’t blab about the episodes here but if you’re not watching either of these shows shame on you — they are awesome!

So the dish chosen to be made was General Tso Chicken from The Chew Cookbook Food. Life. Fun. I believe the prep time was 10 or 15 minutes and the total cooking time maybe 30 mins to 45 mins. I didn’t purchase anything before hand so it was a  bit of a mad dash shopping trip on my way home from work.  If you cook on  a semi regular basis the ingredients should be items you all ready own.

I tried to take some prep photos but I was too exhausted. When this happens I just let go and let the moment carry on. There is no sense in trying to force myself. When that happens it’s a guaranteed way to end up with not so nice images of something I really wanted to capture. So I took a few blurry, overhead images with my cell and destroyed them immediately. The next day at lunch I took a plastic bowl and placed it on the window. Pssst, remember in the Bag of Limes post I mention that a majority of food photos are taken with window light. This should includes your smart phone shots and point and shoot cameras.

So With very little effort I placed my lunch bowl down on the window ledge. There is this awesome old, bronzed, enameled colored gate that runs across the ledge. In the set-up photo below you can see how I combined the gate with the window light made for a lovely set-up shot. To bring out a little more color in the gate I added in a third stop of under exposure.  So remember if all you have is your smart phone find a window with a good amount of light and you can really start to bring your basic food shots to life.

general tso chicken


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